I have a new tree

When we first moved into this office space, I was told I needed something to brighten the taupe walls and complement my wood desk. The plant people gave me a twisted ficus. It survived about 5 months and then they agreed that it was beyond saving. I did have the dead tree in my office for another month and then it was replaced with a new twisted ficus. This one was pretty much gone after 3 months but the plant people kept trying to revive it in a valiant effort lasting about 2 months. This time the ficus they brought wasn’t twisted, which is probably contributory to why it only survived for five weeks. This time the plant lady agreed that the stress generated at my desk is not conducive to ficus survival. It still took six weeks to get a new tree.

My new tree has broad dark leaves clustered in groups of five or six. Hopefully it will be able to withstand the psychic stress with which my work environment thrills. Just as a precaution though, I’m not naming this one and I will not rant at it.

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  1. Jenn L

     /  October 2, 2007

    I’m surprised they haven’t cried uncle and given you silk yet. đŸ˜€Seriously, though, I’ve been told that ficus are extremely temperamental and that just moving them from one location to another, with no difference in temperature, light, water, etc. can kill them. So maybe it’s not you, maybe it’s the plant people.


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