Disney Rewards….

I just did some Christmas shopping on the Disney website. This weekend was 20% off, $5 shipping and I had Disney Rewards dollars to pay for it. Yes, I finally figured out how to use my Disney Reward dollars. I feel stupid since I’ve had many of them expire before figuring out how to spend them. I feel better now though since I have Christmas presents coming.
That’s right, this year will be an online Christmas again. I really hate shopping and it so much easier to do it all online.
Maybe I should go check out Clubco and see if there is anything that my membership there is good for…

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  1. Abi

     /  September 22, 2007

    We are an online Christmas household as well. It is so much easier (as long as the things you purchased will be delivered before Christmas). I am absolutely sure that this year will be the same. I cannot even imagine pushing A’s stroller in the mall for Christmas shopping!


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