Gotta love the new TA – NOT!

Just so you know, I’ve been enrolled in an Economics course as a pre-requisite for the EMBA program. I paid for a Web Course and then found out the professor wanted all the assignments sent to him by snail mail. I complained about it and for the first 9 assignments he’s been fine with my scanning them and sending them as online attachments.
As of last week, the formula that has been getting me 97/100 is no longer acceptable. He gave the last four assignments zero points and wants me to snail mail the originals and pay the $10 per assignment for re-submission. In keeping with his copyright request, I destroyed the originals after they were scanned so I no longer have them.

I’ve sent a letter to the head of my department asking him what an Incomplete in this course would do to my current program. I’m 50% through the EMBA program and have a GPA of 3.33 right now. They are discussing removing Economics as a pre-requisite for the program. If I have to have it, then I’ll take the “I” now and sign up for a daytime class at the local campus during Winter semester.

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