Successful Compartmentalization – – Security Breach!

Years ago I guest hosted a radio show known as Wilde in the Night. I was doing a Valentine’s segment and talked about this new up and coming thing called Internet dating services…(give you an idea about how long ago that was?) The regular host felt that success in the digital world would go to those who could successfully compartmentalize their lives.

Of course, it was just a few years after that when Heather Armstrong taught us about being “dooced” from a job for failing to successfully compartmentalize.

My family calls me paranoid because I keep my off and online lives completely separate, to the point that I don’t use the same names. It makes it really easy to tell what in the PO Box is junk mail and what is real mail and I’ve never had spam to my offline name. But I have two instances now where things overlap. For the first time ever, my real name will be appearing with a picture of me on a website (no, not this one) and not just one website but most likely 2 separate websites – two that are compartmentalized in my life and I hope to keep them that way.

On another side, what brought this whole subject up is that through freak opportunity, I ended up sending an invitation to to one of the other students in my EMBA class. It was one thing to tell marketing class that I own Shondratasha since the first 4 pages of Google on that reference are all me (I didn’t know I had a webshots page!). But it’s another thing to link someone to my profile where they can see the kind of company that I keep in my online life.
As a good crossover (knows me in both settings) friend put it – – It’s time that some of the offline people discovered the Stasha side of you.

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  1. Stitcher S

     /  September 11, 2007

    Very interesting stuff to think about, Stasha! I don’t think hardly anyone in my offline life knows that I blog. I prefer to leave it that way, and I really can’t say why. I do have some friends I’ve met online through the stitching BBs, so they of course know ‘both’ of me! Other than that, I don’t even think my husband bothers to read my blog.


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