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I forget who it was who told me they did some of their best work in airports. I now understand, but only if you are one of the early ones who gets a spot by the outlet. I think the people glaring at me would be grateful for someone with a powerstrip so we could all plug in. I only have 3 hours of battery so with 2 hours until the scheduled departure, I happened to be the lucky one to get the slot when the last user left. It’s fairly easy to see where the outlets are in the terminal. Look for two laptop users together who don’t seem to know each other like the guy in the 3 piece suit sitting with the goth chick. Okay, so that could be an NCIS episode but I highly doubt they would film in Boise. I’m sharing my outlet with a nicely dressed gentleman with salt and pepper hair who has been cruising male on male sites for the last 15 minutes, he’s updated at least three of the profiles and not one of the pictures looks like him. Frankly, he’s better looking than any of the profile pictures. All of them are younger than he looks though. Personally I like the salt and pepper in both the hair and the neatly trimmed beard, but I’m not what he’s looking for.
The profile pictures just reminded me that it’s time for another warning: Do not trust what you read on the internet. Make sure you can corroborate it and never, never meet people that you only know online in private places.

Now who was it that needed a place to stay so they could visit the needlework Mecca that I live in?

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