I got this from The Wondering One. I found it rather easy but there are a lot of things that start with S.

Your Name: – Stasha
1. Famous singer/band: Styx
2. 4 letter word: Solo
3. Street name: State Street
4. Color: Sapphire
5. Gifts/Presents: Silk – floss or clothing
6. Vehicle: Suburu
7. Things in a souvenir shop: Statues
8. Boy name: Steven
9. Girl name: Sandy
10. Movie title: Somewhere in Time
11. Drink: Screwdriver
12. Occupation: Secretary (but they aren’t called that anymore)
13. Flower: Sunflower
14. Celebrity: Suzanne Somers (bonus!!!)
15. Magazine: Sudoku Puzzles (they’ve replace the Logic puzzles in most stores)
16. U.S. city: San Diego, Seattle, Spokane, (you know, someplace starting with S)
17. Pro sports teams: Seattle Super Sonics
18. Fruit/vegetable: Squash
19. Reason late for work: Sick
20. Something you throw away: Spoiled Stockings… the ones with ladders in them.
21. Things you shout: SH**
22. Cartoon character: Superman, Spiderman,

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