Suggestions for storage?

By Sunday night, I realized that I had put everything in the room that I wanted too but I’m not ready to throw away the stuff that isn’t back in. I’m thinking that at lunch today I want to hit Office Max or Staple and get some project folders or envelopes since they’re cheaper than the zipper bags. Then I can move the WIP’s out of the closet and into the shelves. That way I can hide the stuff that I am not ready to throw out but don’t want visible. I also would like to run back to IKEA for more magazine holders (I think I have the ones I got overfull) and maybe some more of the sliding bins. I wish I could think of some way to get my large WIP’s out of the closet and still have them look good. If you were an artist, how would you stack canvases in an open area without having them look cluttered? The other problem is I can’t leave the fabric completely pinned or it stretches funny. I guess I could release the bottoms and not the tops that would look better. But having them sit in plastic bags doesn’t work when they’re going to be out in the open. I could use thoughts and suggestions for how to store these.

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