My first trip to IKEA

I should preface this with DH hates IKEA. He sees it as cheap, overseas particle board junk stealing US jobs. He wouldn’t go there with me but as he is out of town, I took off work early and went to get the shelves I’ve been drooling over on the online site for some time.

Suz tells me that IKEA is like Disneyland. I thought it was more like walking down the sheep shoots in the pasture until it hit me, that is like Disneyland! – Long lines taking you to fun stuff and still feeling like you missed what you came to see. I did find what I came for though, and a computer table so that I could move the kids computer out of my office and into the main area where everyone can see what’s on the screen at any time. So I in trying to sort out and create an area for myself, I inadvertently created a computer center for the kids. It took under 30 minutes to put the desk together.

I am visualizing a clean stash room. One with 3 sets of shelves and a table for sewing, the shelves are divided between stitching and quilting with a few shelves for other things (paintbrushes, stamps, crochet, and some Finnish cultural items). The North wall is a riot of color as each “box” shelf holds a different color of fabric. There are clean, working window coverings on the west window which sits behind a desk with a photo printer, two sewing machines, and an ironing area. Opposite that on the East side of the room are uncluttered shelves with decorative items, the modem, and NO CRAFTING STUFF (unless it’s framed and now a decorative piece). The South wall is stitching supplies organized so that they are easily located (and catalogued). There is a sheepskin rug on the floor and maybe a stitching chair if I can get the beagle to give it back to me.

Right now, it’s Friday just before midnight. I have one shelf completed it took a lot longer than the desk did. I found vertical blinds at Depot when I went to get a plate cover to replace the broken one in my room. The room is empty except for the shelves on the East wall, the desk and printer on the west, the boxes for the shelves that I will assemble in the morning on the north and the new blind on the floor in front of the window. Yes, I can finish this during the weekend. My homework is another story…

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  1. Suz

     /  June 9, 2007

    I love Ikea! But you knew that. And I like to hit the kids section for stuff for the dogs. Mona sleeps on some manner of furniture that I bought there.And quite honestly, I’ve never had shelves hold up nearly as well as my Ikea ones, whether it’s holding up my entire entertainment center, the stuff in the garage, or full of textbooks (which annihilate most shelves).And sheepskin rug you say? I *knew* there was something missing from my craft room!

  2. Darla

     /  June 11, 2007

    I gotta know: why are you taking firearms to the sheep?

  3. Stasha

     /  June 11, 2007

    Sorry Darla, wrong type of shooting, I’m talking about spring innoculations.


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