Would you think me absolutely wicked…

If I told you that I’m looking forward to all the boys in the house leaving for 4 days?

For Thursday through Monday, it’s just me an DD. I’m looking forward to doing a massive house cleaning after class on Thursday, staying home with DVD’s that I want to watch on Friday (and doing more cleaning or stitching if I’m done cleaning), Saturday I may brave the crowds at IKEA and get the shelves I want to re-organize the stash room. I’ve toyed with painting the room but think that may be more than I can do by myself in a weekend. DD and I have concert tickets for the True Colors tour (2nd Row) Saturday night.

Or after I clean the house, I could set the quilt up in the TV room and invite some neighbors over. This could all go out the window if the takehome quiz I get tomorrow night is really hard. If I was really good I would do all the homework for the next 6 classes and then I would be done for the semester and could do what I wanted for the rest of this month.

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