The weekend of recitals

This weekend I attended two recitals. At my middle son’s piano recital, I was anxious for it to be over so we could leave in order to get to the other recital. When it started, however, I was forcibly reminded about why we have recitals and how important they are to the youngest players. I guess I’ve become jaded listening to the same mistake in the same concerto, over and over. I had forgotten the excitement and energy in watching a little one put the cushion on the piano bench so that they could reach the keys in order to play the “Mozart Variations on a Theme” (a stellar piece) or Black Cat Boogie. Not to mention the excitement of the parents with their video equipment and cameras. I don’t think I even thought about taking a camera to either of my son’s recitals.

Yes, I’m one of the slacker mom’s whose first child was videoed for every Halloween parade, every dance contest, every violin recital and all the record of the youngest is him at 3 dressed like Cruella deVille shouting, “Get me those puppies!” And video of the middle child? Well, if video is the only record, I don’t have a middle child. He does have a huge collection of academic trophies and certificates to prove his existence in the family files. So there may not be moving pictures but he does leave a record.

Luckily at my younger boy’s performance, they had professional videographers taping the entire 2 days and all of the concert performances were available for $25. So, if I can figure out how to copy the track of his performance to the computer, those of you interested will be able to see the intense concentration which makes my youngest look like a Cabbage Patch doll playing Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Maybe I should get the camera out and take it to the next LaCrosse game so that the middle one has at least one moving picture for posterity.

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