I now have highspeed wireless at home….

At my husband’s insistence, we went with the local cable carrier for service. I should explain that we don’t have cable TV. We do have a cable that goes from the antenna on the roof to a hole in the house and connects to a box in the basement that then goes to the TV. I just never saw the point of paying for 40 channels of nothing to watch.
Needless to say, scheduling the installation was interesting since the scheduler couldn’t wrap her mind around the idea that I don’t have a cable running from the street to my house. Apparently I’m some sort of Stone Age throwback since not only do I have just 2 television sets in a house of 5600 square feet, they receive neither C-span nor ESPN.
Well, the scheduler must not have believed me because when the installer arrived the first thing he asked was, “so where is the cable outlet?” He had to call a supervisor when I responded we don’t have one, that’s why we needed professional installation instead of doing it ourselves. It took the supervisor coming out and verifying that, yes, there is a box on the side of the house but it has absolutely nothing in it to convince everyone that I’m not a nut job. (or maybe it did convince them that I am a nut job but at least I know what I’m talking about.)
When we told the cable guy that we would be adding a router so that we could run an in-house wireless network he told us that we would want to have the box in a different location from where we originally wanted it. A quick call to a friend in CA confirmed that the cable guy was right (I guess that makes us even on the double checking with outside sources.) So while the cable guy was trenching the yard to come from the street to the house, DH was drilling a hole in the stash room wall and the cable guy gave us the cable to run from one end of the house to the other. DH was ready to connect before the cable guy was. This earned DH major kudos since, he was faster, it was correct, and he knew what he was doing. Once it was connected and Martin (the cable guy) was packing up to go, DH noticed the line to the antenna on the roof was not in the box inside the house anymore. Yep, Martin had pulled it out and left it lying on the lawn. Since he couldn’t believe that we were only having internet service and we weren’t adding cable TV, it took some major convincing (and a threat of legal action) to get him to drill a new hole in the stucco to put the antenna cable back in the house.
So, I still have my free TV service and we can now have all 5 members of the family on the Internet at once.

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  1. Suz

     /  May 16, 2007

    I don’t have cable-tv either. Just watch the cable installer’s head spin when you say “no, I have satellite cable, I don’t want your crappy cable, I just want your innernets”It hurts them, it does.Congrats on high speed!


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