Tips for would be models from a photographer’s wife

I realize that a lot of girls wanting to be models think that they can behave as if they are superstars but until you reach that pinnacle, here are some tips to make your reputation and get you requested for repeat work.

  1. Show up on time – 30 minutes to and hour after the booking time is not “fashionably late.” If at all possible, be early.
  2. Determine ahead of time if a makeup artist will be provided, until you reach star status, you will be expected to do your own hair and makeup for a lot of the smaller budget shoots. Also, if hair and makeup are provided, expect to pay for them or have them deducted from your pay.
  3. Do not bring children to a professional shoot. DUH!!
  4. No excuses – The photographer doesn’t care that your other boss is a jerk who wouldn’t let you off early to get to the shoot on time and that’s why you smell like fry grease.
  5. Know more than the standard Y,T,S poses. Be comfortable in your body and know how it will move. Think about the product, you are there to show it off, not show off yourself.
  6. THINK! – or at least be prepared to pretend to do so. In an art shoot, you may be asked for suggestions. If you are not asked for suggestions, do not be offended if any suggestions you make are ignored. Sometimes however, a suggestion may be appreciated. You just have to have the ability to feel your way.
  7. If an artist you are working with offers to provide a meal, accept or reject graciously. Do not lecture him on the evils of meat, the danger of calories and how hard it is for you to maintain your shape.
  8. Be aware of what to wear. Know ahead of time if you need to provide clothes or are they being provided for you. When the photographer booked you, he checked a box on the agency sheet saying what he needs you to wear if it is a product other than clothing. If he marked, black bikini he does not mean white, blue or teal or even worse, jeans and a t-shirt.
  9. Act like a professional, not a brat.
  10. SHOW UP ON TIME and be ready to shoot.

A new sport for my kids?

So my middle child has some restrictions on sports. He has a medical condition that affects the range of motion on his arm. This means that tennis and a few other sports are out of his range. He’s short so basketball is out. He’s way too skinny for football. Soccer was fun but he’s not good enough for the intermurals they have in his age range. So he decided to try LaCrosse. I can’t say that dealing with the local league has been easy. I knew nothing of the game. I had no idea what equipment he would need, what the rules are, who the coaches in our are were, etc. When I called the league they said the info is on their website. LIARS!!! You can get last years stats and you can sign up but beyond that their is no usable info for a beginning mother. We ended up missing the first three practices and the first parent meeting because NOBODY contacted us. We found out about the practices when we got a nasty email telling us that if we didn’t get the medical release turned it we wouldn’t be allowed to play. Well that gave us the contact information for someone who got us attached to the coaches email roster and we made it to a Friday night practice where he wasn’t allowed to participate since he didn’t have gear. So $500 later, we are now able to start practices.
I still haven’t found the rules for LaCrosse yet. It’s going to have to be Google since the local league sure doesn’t have them on their site.

As for equipment, part of that $500 is getting a stick for the younger sibling who turns out to have a wicked throwing arm but couldn’t run to save his life. It is helping the older one to have the younger one play “catch” with him. Younger one wants to sign up for LaCrosse now. Um, no, not until I get the bugs worked out with the League for the older one. Besides, I’m not paying an additional $125 plus $300 in pads, helmets and cleats to have him stand and moan like he did when it came to the running part of soccer.
If I’m going to put out $600 for the younger to play a sport, he’ll get signed up for Football the way the pediatrician recommended.