Easy things that are hard to do?

Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.Dale Carnegie

Carnegie was always the master. I’ve heard that a lot of the book “The Secret” which is a huge hit right now comes from Carnegie’s work and the work of some of the other earlier gurus on success. If the tips are timeless, why is it so hard for people to implement them?

I have a list of the Laws of Success from Napolean Hill on my desk. I have to admit that the first one is what I often have trouble focusing on – – Have a definite chief aim. I know people that do have a definite chief aim in their lives. Everything they do contributes in some fashion to that aim. I have many things that I want to do but I’m still having issues with what and who I want to be. That definite chief aim is still a bit fuzzy. About a year ago, I put together a life mission statement but I have to admit that I haven’t really been using it as a definite chief aim. I’ve been floating, letting life and projects pull me along instead of managing them and pulling them along. Could it be that I don’t really want what I think I should want?

Maybe it’s time to step back and re-evaluate and write a new mission statement either that or start acting on the one I said I wanted last year.

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