What $730 will get you at Costco

24 rolls of paper towels
2500 paper plates
144 rolls of toilet paper
25 pounds of breaded chicken
one salmon
one birthday cake
1 bag edamame
1 bag dim sum
2 pounds sliced Muenster
2 pounds sliced Colby Jack
4 pounds pre-cooked sliced chicken
2 loaves Grandma Sycamore’s bread
5 pounds of chicken patties
Dial liquid soap
2 bottles Rainbath
1 bag meatballs
10 pounds extra lean hamburger
2 packages ravioli
3 bags mixed greens
3 pounds broccoli
2 pounds sugar snap peas
1 margarine container (5 pounds)
1 dozen tulips (fresh cut)
Ranch salad dressing
Caesar dressing
6 cans chicken
2 lbs grape tomatoes
2 gallons milk
2 cans parmesan cheese
Feminine hygiene products
12 Kleenex boxes
12 pounds individually wrapped chicken breasts
5 pounds of burritos
Shrimp Pad Thai
and I’m sure there was more stuff but DH threw the receipt away.

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  1. Melissa

     /  March 9, 2007

    LOL I love it. We don’t have a Costco here, so I’m totally jealous of your shopping spree.


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