Thoughts on Beauty and the Geek

My daughter and I caught a bit of Beauty and the Geek the other night. My DD found the show hilarious but pointed out that it wouldn’t work if it was Studs and Smart Chicks. She feels that Beauty and the Geek works because smart men still have normal male drives and dumb girls like the wallet that a smart guy brings home. That’s a pretty broad stereotype but I couldn’t fault her logic when she pointed out that if they tried to do Studs and Smart Chicks, the women would enjoy watching the eye candy but would decide that they weren’t worth the aggravation and would have either a RPG tournament or some other equally entertaining computer related activity going on amongst themselves after they plugged the guys into ESPN. And I wondered why one of the most entertaining songs among my DD’s group of friends is Coin Operated Boy?
This leads me back to worrying about the denigration of men in today’s society. If men are only useful for their financial and physical properties, aren’t women just doing to men what I remember them accusing men of doing to women? If it isn’t right for men to do to women, why is it fine for women to do to men? I thought the sexes were supposed to have equal rights and brains. I love a line from a Spider Robinson story where a male character coming to our age from the future states “Oh, this must be the dark ages where women subjugated men and kept them from wearing comfortable dresses.” I remember the main character not reacting well to that statement.
There is a group out on the web promoting the Freedom from Trousers for men though. Although I haven’t order a Utilikilt for my DH, I do like browsing the website.

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  1. Bronzemom

     /  January 28, 2007

    I love the Utilikilt site — my own DH has one. Then again, he has great knees, too!

  2. Susan

     /  January 30, 2007

    Utilikilts rock! I have two myself, and plan on getting one more in a little over a month.


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