A weekend out of town….

I was hoping for a relaxing weekend out of town. See, I was offered a weekend in Southern Utah if I would carry down the cases of a magazine from where the printer had left them. In addition, my DH was invited and he would have the opportunity to go shooting with some other large format photographers.
It was not relaxing. Our trip down was marred by the first prong of a 2 part snowstorm and roads that we usually travel at 75 to 80 miles per hour were only safe at about 55 to 60. Even then we saw an overturned semi-trailer and about 7 or 8 cars sliding off the road.
Southern Utah was nice and warm when we arrived. We had great Thai food in St. George (except I will never again order any sushi that offers to put ‘mayo’ on it). Sunday morning we woke up to about a foot of snow on the ground. I have to admit that I don’t put snow and red rock country together and this was definitely one of those rare photo opportunities so I took DH’s digital camera (don’t laugh, he does actually own one) and went with the group to Zion National Park. It’s not common to see snow at Zion. I haven’t downloaded any of the raw files yet but I’ll work on it.
After a full day of shooting, we got the snow advisory for the area between Beaver and Salt Lake City but headed up anyway since we had to be home for work on Monday. We were lucky and really didn’t hit any bad road spots until the American Fork/Lehi area. That left us taking one hour for an area that normally takes 15 to 25 minutes depending on traffic. Tomorrow morning’s commute should be interesting.

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