Out of Town LNS report

I love going to LNS’s when I travel. Today I hit the jackpot. I visited an LNS I found by accident located only 8 miles from my hotel.

The Needle Nook
1299 Broadway
Atwater, CA 95301
(209) 358-7853

She has Marbek Angels at $5.00, Tokens of Affection (TW’s Victorian Pattern),TW’s Christmas Wreath, Brillant Plumage, Tapesty Cat, Tea Scene, All the Carousel Horses, Noah’s Ark and many othersShe has tons of OOP Leisure Arts and Stoney Creeks.

She isn’t online but she will ship. She’s willing to look around if people will call her and give them her requests. Irene also gave me her personal email if any one wants to contact her that way with their shopping lists.

She has service with AOL and her user name is SUNFFY.(not Snuffy, SUNFFY).

As for my haul – She had all four of the Just Cross Stitch circular Christmas patterns by Cathy Livingston that were printed from 1990 through 1993. I found 3 more Livingston patterns that I didn’t know existed – Santa’s Visit, Magic of Santa and Floral Tapestry. I got the Douglas Designs Christmas Magic Carousel Fantasy, Teresa Wentzler’s Topiary Trees (which may be a duplicate but I don’t remember owning it), and Peter Underhill’s Mythical Beasts Dragon and Griffin. Total for that haul – – $73.00 I would be paying double or triple that trying to get them all off eBay, if I could even find them.

For those of you who don’t know who Cathy Livingston is she was the featured designer at Just Cross-Stitch before Teresa Wentzler who was followed by Marie Barber.

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  1. Sara

     /  December 6, 2006

    Sounds like a great haul! Now what are you going to stitch first?


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