Gotta love renewal time…

This year I’m in underwriting, with a full 2 hours of training….but I’m having fun. It’s like shopping with my mom without the bad parts. You do know there are 3 prices to everything. There is the marked price, the sale price and the price they will give my mom. Underwriting is the same way. The skills that my mom taught me in negotiating prices really comes to the forefront. I do wish that I had more training to know what I’m doing but I seem to be doing a great job of faking it so far. And as I learned long ago when I started in workers’ comp. Fake it long enough and pretty soon you do know what you’re doing.

In the meantime, I’m also being sent out of town to educate people on their benefit program. It’s the job of the client representative but until we get some more trained, I’m doing it. I was in Arizona yesterday, baking my tail off and racing from Tucson to Phoenix for meetings. I had the air conditioner on and all the natives kept asking me to turn it off because they were freezing. To each their own.

I was should be studying for my accounting final tonight. I’m trying to concentrate on it but all I can think about is how much driving I’ll be doing next week. I fly into Sacramento – drive to Madera, then to Modesto and back to Sacramento. I wonder if there are any stitchers in the area? Of course, they’re talking about having me take the monthly reports that I would be doing at the office with me so I may not have time to meet with people. I’m told that next year they will have someone else to do this, I hope so.

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