Relocating thoughts….

If I have to relocate to a new city, I want to take enough time to learn the layout and the feel before I make a permanent decision on where to live. I’ve seen the “Kenny’s Room” episode of Dharma and Greg enough times to know that what it looks like on the internet is not necessarily reality. If at all possible I would ask the opinion of people I already knew who lived in the area. After all, a selling point where I live now could be something entirely opposite in the new city. Take location for example. You would have to give me a house and pay me an annual stipend to live in “a luxurious Westside home.” I understand, however, in the San Francisco Bay area that the west side is a preferred property and I’m sure that’s how the luxury homes in Magna got sold. By the way, on the eastside you can drink the tap water but by the time the mountain spring water rolls through the mineral deposits crossing the valley the west side water is undrinkable.
“Conveniently located near I-15” is also not a good selling point. The I-15 corridor is reserved for retail and heavy industrial use. It’s only been a few years since the stockyard near the prison (also on the I-15 corridor) closed. Zoning decided years ago that the area close to the expressway should be used for businesses that the semis needed access too that way people wouldn’t need to be disturbed by big rigs going through neighborhoods. The heavy rail tracks are also near the freeway; this is so the trains won’t disturb people since people don’t live near the freeway.
I’m discovering that no matter where you go re-developed and trendy are not really things I want at my age. Maybe if I was younger and didn’t have kids, I would consider it. Take these listings in Boston. I’m assured that if I’m white but not Italian and not connected to the Mafia or without the correct gang affiliation; I should not be looking at any of these areas. From just the internet connection, you would never be able to tell that much, well she’s a marketing major so that should tell you something. Never trust the realtor; they’re working for the seller not for you! They don’t get paid unless you buy something and if you hate it, well, they’re long gone and don’t give refunds. So, when relocating, try to know someone in the area but if you can’t do that, spend some time in different parts of the city. Sometimes, the thing that looks like home is just a sucker trap.
Now if I mentioned that I was looking for something in South Phoenix, I have a friend who would set me straight and send me looking on the North side. See, I wouldn’t look on the North side of SLC because of Rose Park and Glendale (funny, I’m warned against parts of Glendale in AZ too). I would love to have someone guide me in locations I’m not familiar with. And as an open invitation, I’m more than willing to take anyone moving out here on a tour of the city and point out the BS in a realtor’s banter.

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