My letter from the Wondering one.

I took the challenge from Whizgidget’s blog and I got the letter O.

So if you haven’t had your letter of the alphabet yet, I’ll be happy to give you one too…
Just leave a comment with your email.

When you get your letter list 10 words that start with it and what they mean to you.

1. Obvious – Yes, that describes me.
2. Obnoxious – yes, still describes me.
3. Organized – when I want to be
4. Orienteering – I have an uncanny knack for knowing what direction to take and being able to navigate crowds.
5. Oriental – I have a fascination with the culture
6. Only – as in the One and
7. Original – definitely a description of me
8. Overqualified – what I’m hearing from people who interview me
9. Obsessions – no, those are hobbies
10. Old – How my teenagers describe me….

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