I always knew that opals were a power stone…

Dancing Crane is one of my favorite shops. It’s a bit eccentric and out there but that shouldn’t surprise anyone that knows me. One of the employees is a little out there, she won’t help anyone until she knows what stone aligns with their personality. She has a basket of stones for people to feel through and the stone they pick helps her to know what colors and styles to pick for them. She won’t help me because none of the stones in her basket “speak to me.” She loves my daughter who always finds the hematite wherever in the basket it is. None of the stones in her basket warm up to me. I think I’ve figure out why though. If The Lore of the Opal article that a friend gave me is accurate the thought of Opals being an unlucky stone is fairly recent. Prior to Sir Walter Scott people thought of opals as a mystic, powerful stone. I have always loved opals, they like up when I touch them. I love the fire in their depths and I love the way I feel when they glow on me. So, the reason nothing in her basket likes me is because my power stone is opal. I think the favorite setting I have is on the sides of my amethyst ring. After all, my power stone should fit quite nicely next to my birthstone.

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