My boy doesn’t give a fish!!

Just so you know, today I was in the car with my teenage son and we were listening to talk radio, because I’m a junkie for it. And a caller wanted to know if she should intervene at school because someone took her son’s tennis shoe in gym class and it can’t be found and he needs a new pair. The host told her to let her son fight his own battle because he’ll come off looking like a bigger weenie if “his mommy” comes to school to protect him.
I turned to my son and asked him what he would want me to do if such a situation happened to him. He said that he would expect me to have the gym teacher’s head on a plate the next day and barring that, a check from the offending boy’s parents for the new shoes.
I asked him if the host was right and the other kids would view him as a “weenie” for having his mommy come to the school and raise Caine.
He told me that he really doesn’t care what other people think of him. He knows who he is and what he believes and the rest can go rot.
It reminded me of the day when his older sibling told me that she “didn’t give a fish” for what people thought of her. I was quite proud of her not giving a fish except I soon learned that it extended to not noticing when other people needed fish.
I have to admit that I’m not the best example. I have a tendency to overlook when people need a shoulder to lean on. My attention is best got with a clue by four.
Still, when I do notice people that need to have a fish or even think they need a fish, I try to share. (The exception of course being people who take the fish I give them and smack me with it).
But back on subject, I have 2 wonderful kids who do not give a fish what others think about them, they have character and abide by it. And they share fish when they have it to give.
Definite proud mom moment….

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