A bit of perspective

It’s great to have someone you love and respect come into your city and tell you how much they love it. I love taking people shop hopping and showing off my town. There are great places to eat, wonderful niche shops that larger cities just don’t have the market to hold because they’re too busy one upping each other to enjoy simple things I love like stitching, quilting, hand-dipped chocolate, knitting, and home crafts.

It’s also flooring to go to someplace else that you like and have them praise a shop that you think is garbage? I usually don’t go to the Craft Center because they are rude and overpriced. But the lady working the counter at Stitcher’s Paradise, which wasn’t Nancy or Deann, kept gushing about how much she loves to go to Craft Center when she is up in Utah. I was good and didn’t ask her why she didn’t go to Stitchin’ Station. Anyway, I got Just Nan’s Horrified and the silks to do it while I was in Vegas this week.

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  1. Arthemise

     /  October 21, 2006

    Sounds like fun! I guess different people have different standards–you showed more restraint that I probably would have. 🙂Horrified is such a cute piece. I have it in my stash too.


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