I think they’re breeding…

I don’t know how it happens. Each Netflix disk comes with a single mailback envelope. I mail back each disk in the envelope yet every week it seems I find more and more empty Netflix mailers. Right now, I have a stack of 5 but two weeks ago there were only three. Unless they’re breeding it doesn’t make sense. I’ll admit when I started with the service, I would put two in a mailer to send back but I stopped doing that after someone told me it’s the easiest way for the movies to break. At that time, I threw away all the extra mailers because I was going to do the one per envelope and I wouldn’t need the extras. Yet today, when I was cleaning out the stereo case, there they were: 5 Netflix mailers. I have no clue where they came from since we haven’t lost any disks and every one has been mailed back singly. I know that someone once posited that lost socks turned into wire hangers since there were never socks but lots of wire hangers in the laundry room although she knew her kids would never take hangers from the closet to where the clothes were. I’ve always known that staples were just paperclips in embryo and removing staples guaranteed a plethora of paper clips on one’s desk.
But Netflix mailers – what are they transforming from? I don’t appear to be missing anything from the video cabinet unless you count the silly advertisements for class B and C movies that come with the movies you purchase. If I purchased National Treasure why would I want to buy some movie I’ve never heard of with a guy who sort of looks like Nicholas Cage and probably can’t act.
(As an aside, did anyone else see the interview with Ashton Kutcher where he’s so in awe of Kevin Costner that he said, “It’s a movie about mentoring, I didn’t really have to act since I was living it.” If he’s still that in awe of fame, what does it say about his marriage?)
Anyway, I can’t recall putting those “buy the bad movies we distribute” flyers in the garbage. I usually leave them in the case with the DVD they came with but lately, I haven’t been seeing them. So, either someone else in the house has been tossing them in the garbage (major improbability there) or they’re morphing into the Netflix mailers. I’ll have to keep a closer eye on the Disney ads when I get a copy of the movie that DS#1 still has never seen all the way through. Have I ever mentioned one should vary the music used to put an infant to sleep especially if you use movie soundtracks? Pavlov was correct.

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