I just got 4 cases of grocery quality tomatoes for the farmers’ market price. These are pretty tomatoes, not the overripe, dark funky marked tomatoes that are in the cases at the market. These are pretty, could be sliced into a salad tomatoes. But I’m still going to heat and bottle them.
I’ve run out of my last batch of sweet chili sauce from my Grandma’s recipe. The only reason that I got the secret family recipe is that I invited Grandma over to my house when I had tomatoes to bottle. She suggested that I make chili sauce and we ran to the store for the ingredients. She got me a canning notebook (which disappeared in my last move) and I’ve made chili sauce whenever I ran out ever since. I should add that when Grandma died, the most hotly contested items were the remaining bottles of chili sauce and the mustard pickles (I still have mustard pickles so I’m not making new this year). I suggested a family lottery for them.

Anyway, I’m out of chili sauce, and tomatoes are on sale this week. For kicks and giggles I decided to ask if I could buy cases from the grocery store. The manager at Macey’s was great, I got the tomatoes for about ½ of the sale price per pound which ended up being less than I would pay for a case of about the same weight at the farmers’ market and I didn’t have to get up at 7am to get the good ones before they were sold out.
Can you guess which grocery store I’m going to for peppers and onions and spices tomorrow?

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