A quote to ponder…

Failure is often a matter of allowing the distractions of the moment to take the place of working toward the wanted goal.

More to the point, why am I looking for distractions instead of doing what I know needs to be done? I know the challenge is gone from my job. I could do it with my eyes closed but then people would think I was sleeping. Why the searching for distractions instead of just doing the job and then asking for more? It would be better all around if I did not only my job but went about bothering people asking for more work to do. I feel as if I’m letting my work expand to fill my day instead of doing it quickly and moving on to more. If my work were completed quickly, I could justify surfing or studying. I’ve gotten in the habit of searching for distractions and I could use some suggestions on how to stop.

During the move I lost my brain…

A while back a good friend sent me a stress ball shaped like a brain. It didn’t make it to the new office so I can honestly say, “I’ve lost my mind at work.” Other statements that the brain on my desk generated (and the one that my daughter got):

Note with original package: Now – Don’t misplace your brains.
People keep coming in and fondling my brain.
The other admin asst tried to steal my brain
It makes picking my brain here in the office easier.
(In fact, accounting people come in and do it all the time now)
My brain is always at work.
I know exactly where my mind it at all times.
DS#1 complained – Why do the girls get brains and I don’t?
DD stole my brain and it took awhile to get it back and then she wasn’t sure if I had hers or she had mine.
DD said I can’t complain that she’s a teenager without a brain anymore.
I told her she’s about the only teenager I know with a brain now.
Well, now you have a brain, and everyone else needs a clue.
I don’t have a brain either… I sent the only ones I had 😉
Can I borrow your brain one day?
She doesn’t have enough brains to share.
That’s okay, I’m pregnant so I haven’t any brains left at all.
But what if we do something and she gives us a piece of her mind?
I still need to take a picture of your brain so I can get my blog up.
I thought someone stole my brain but it had fallen behind the desk.
At least people are interested in me for my brain.

and now, I can honestly say, I lost my mind at work…

Things I know about the new office…

The female janitor empties the garbage, the man vacuums and he’s got this cool canister that he wears on his back.
It’s 94 steps from my office to the AS400 printer and back.
Month end in May takes more than 3 reams of paper.
The east stall of the bathroom has more toilet paper at the end of the day than the other stalls.
It’s 37 steps round trip to the printer by Cindy’s desk.