Airing some dirty laundry…

My brother is in jail today. Police chase stops when dog bites owner No, Nick is not the dog’s owner. This is my brother’s dog and the stolen laptop that Nick had he claims came from my brother. I guess I should clarify that P is not really my brother. I was the oldest until I was 8 and then my grandfather’s cousins’ son came to live with us. He couldn’t be adopted because of some technicality between the Finnish government and INS. P never took out US citizenship while here and for the last 6 years, my parents have paid his rent since he doesn’t work and P doesn’t come to any family functions or return phone calls. Mom is saying we should just let the police deport P since he hasn’t renewed anything with INS in about 20 years and is thus an illegal immigrant from Finland. She’s worried that Dad is going to bail him out again. I didn’t know Dad had bailed him out the first time. Mom’s concern is how she will get P’s stuff moved out of the house so that Dad can get the cleaning deposit back. I told her I would appreciate my lawn mower back if it’s still among P’s stuff (he stole it when he moved out of my rental house). She didn’t think that was funny.

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  1. Onilyn

     /  June 19, 2006

    (hugs) Sorry about the brothers.Yeah on the radio show.

  2. Jenn

     /  June 19, 2006

    {{headspinning}} Will try to tune in via webstream!


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