A not very happy fairy tale….

Pants used to hang with Ixy and Yantz. Pants mother felt that Ixy was a bad influence and Pants should go hang out with the pretty crowd instead of the “strange” crowd.
It was confirmed today that Pants dropped out of school and ran away last month. I’m worried about her since no one knows where she is although it is rumored that she may be living with an ex-boyfriend’s extended family in Arizona.

Some background (and snarking)… Ixy has always lived in a world rich with imagination (as befits a dragonlet). This confuses many of the women around me. Even 200 years later they very much epitomize the women that Mary Wollstonecraft talked about who trade respect for beauty and the fleeting adoration of men. I wish Ixy took a bit more care for her appearance but I figure she’ll grow into it some day. Then again, she may not. After all, everyone in Vegas had more smelly stuff than I did and I didn’t even know what was in some of the bottles but I digress… Pants mother started forbidding her daughter hanging with our crowd when 2 things happened. First, her older daughter moved in with a guy and got knocked up (resulting in stricter rules for the younger girls). Second, Pants asked for a compound bow for Christmas. This made Pants’ Dad very excited. Despite having only daughters, he could go do some “fun stuff” with his kids. Pants got those stupid roller skate shoes from her mom and was told that she couldn’t come camping with us anymore and why didn’t she go hang out with the very pretty girls (who show way too much thong at church on Sunday for my comfort). (It’s been joked that if we did another lip-sync at church again, that Ixy’s age group should do Loathing from Wicked with the bishop’s daughter and her crowd as Glinda and Ixy and friends as Elphaba. Yes, it really is that divided. We’re having an increase in ditching church. Anyway back to Pants…
I’m not sure if it was really Mrs. Pants trying to keep them apart or Pants getting a boyfriend (which thrilled her mom even with the older sister’s example) that stopped Pants from hanging with Ixy and friends about 4 years ago. I’m just sorry that it ended with Pants feeling so isolated and unwelcome that she didn’t think she had anyplace safe she could go or any friends close by who would support her. I also feel bad that I didn’t make more of an effort to keep the gang together. But with Yantz moving to Texas, there really wasn’t much I could do. As Ixy keeps telling me, the gang was all there, and it was Pants decision to not hang with them, it’s not like Pants listened to her mother anyway. If Pants really wanted to be watching anime’ she would have been here like the rest.

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