This is Mr. Darwin today…

They did it again. Yesterday Dad calls for all the kids to get in the car. I’m one of the kids aren’t I? I followed everyone out the door and when the little one opened the door for me, I was first in the truck. I thought I was obeying quite well. Dad gets mad and yells, “Mr. Darwin, get back in the house.” Mom was laughing too hard to give commands but when she got her breath, she called, “Darwin, here.” I know I’m supposed to come running when she says that because it usually means treats but she had her fuzzy keychain in the door and I know that means she is going to lock me behind. Luckily today they left the computer on. I just know they are going someplace with interesting smells. I just know it. Maybe I’ll just email the ferrets for new commands. I’ve been getting bounces from their email box. Something horrible must have happened. I just know it.

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