A quote to ponder…

Failure is often a matter of allowing the distractions of the moment to take the place of working toward the wanted goal.

More to the point, why am I looking for distractions instead of doing what I know needs to be done? I know the challenge is gone from my job. I could do it with my eyes closed but then people would think I was sleeping. Why the searching for distractions instead of just doing the job and then asking for more? It would be better all around if I did not only my job but went about bothering people asking for more work to do. I feel as if I’m letting my work expand to fill my day instead of doing it quickly and moving on to more. If my work were completed quickly, I could justify surfing or studying. I’ve gotten in the habit of searching for distractions and I could use some suggestions on how to stop.

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  1. Lee

     /  June 7, 2006

    If you find any good ways to focus on work that feels mundane, please tell me! It’s become a real problem for me, also. Sometimes I set a timer, and promise myself that I will work straight thru until the timer goes off, then reward myself with 5 minutes of whatever. It helps a little.


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