I so do not need another hobby….

A Creative Memories consultant described how easy scrapbooking would be for a glue impaired person like me, I started thinking about the music scrapbook I could put together for DD, the academic and Scout ones for the boys (I have to have an Arrow of Light scrapbook/display before February and an Eagle one sometime after that).
I have boxes and boxes of pictures and a drawer full of papers that I’ve saved for the kids. I just figured that someday I would hand them to the kids or the kids’ spouses and let them do it.
Then this morning, my youngest sister informs me that my mother is “cleaning the treasure room.” And sometime before September she will be presenting me with my “pile of treasures” that she saved of mine.
I live in Scrapbook Heaven; I seriously think it’s a zoning law that every strip mall and corner retail outlet must contain a scrapbooking store. Not to mention, it’s overtaken quilting as the number one activity at Enrichment Night (women’s activity night at church). Stampin’ Up and several other Scrapbook supply companies started here and are still based in Utah. I think that’s one of the reasons that I’ve worked so hard to avoid getting sucked into the whirlpool.
So, am I fighting a losing battle here or should I just give up and give in, print the digital photos (or buy that on computer picture organizer that just prints out your full scrapbook page) and start doing books for myself and my kids?

(and I’m reminded, Mr. Darwin should have a book with his baby pictures and stuff in it.)

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