Hah! This is Darwin and I have the computer again…

They are all out of the house and they left the computer turned on and logged onto blogspot. Not to mention, I have been in IM contact with my friend Pancho. So I can let you know that the treatment has not improved. For the last 3 nights I have been locked out of Mom and Dad’s bedroom. I have been forced to sleep with the boys! Is it my fault that allergy season made me throw up? True, I could have tried to make it outside but if Mom is not going to get up, why should I? I’ll admit, it would have been smart not to barf on Dad but I’ve never been called particularly bright. Last night was not too bad. Some people came over late and I was on my best behavior because they had food. Someone even fell for my hungry look and fed me French Fries FROM THE TABLE. I did not know this thing was possible. I thought all people food had to go into my bowl for a short period of time in order for it to be Beagle safe. Really, I thought that the reason they had me “Sit, Darwin, Stay” was so that the toxins would be neutralized in my bowl and that they only called me to the bowl when the people food was safe. I realize now that this was a silly thought. After all, food that falls from the table doesn’t need to go to my bowl and I eat it just fine. Do you think this waiting for people food to go in my bowl is another of their tricks? I have to go think on this more. It sounds like a problem that calls for a rawhide chew. I need new rawhide chews. They only give me one a week. At least now that the snow is gone I can dig again. Hmm, I wonder if muddy footprints on Mom’s comforter would be a good present to remind her that the bed is really for all 3 of us?

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