Weekend Update

This weekend started with the friends of the NRA dinner where I had fun bidding against radio personality Doug Wright for a bronze sculpture of a mountain man. DH and I also won a bronze statue of a cowboy, a picture of Lewis and Clark and a round of sporting clays at a new gun club on the west side of the valley. For a fundraising dinner, the food was really good; Roast beef, spinach stuff pork roast, mashed potatoes, steamed veggies and salad. Saturday was tutoring, working down at the houses, and then I took a nap, studied for the GMAT (and getting more scared the more I practice problems I do), made the sample quilt block for church out of the fabric for my ugly quilt contest, and watched Ferris Bueller with the kids. Sunday, I picked up the sample to head out to church and realized that one of the blocks was in wrong. During Testimony meeting, I picked out the block, turned it and hand stitched it back into place. Testimony meeting was really good, one of the ward members is a dentist who went with an organization to Honduras to do dental work. The 2 dentists, 1 endodontist, and 1 dental hygienist treated over 100 people a day while the family members they brought with them rebuilt the medical library and also created a modern surgical suite for the one hospital that serves 2 million people. It was a pretty amazing meeting with the stories that they told about service and charity. The relief society lesson is working itself into a blog. It was about how literacy is not just reading and how it’s possible to be able to read and still be illiterate. The main point is that women need to be educated and aware or they will not know what is going on with their children and the world. DD is convinced that it went over the heads of most of the women in the neighborhood whose main concerns are the latest home décor and fashion. I did get to announce that DD will be playing with the Utah Symphony on May 16th. I was asked to publish it in the church bulletin next week along with ticket information. This weekend I read a great mother’s day book that I really wish I could afford to buy and send to everyone. It’s Carol Lynn Pearson’s The Runaway Mother. My favorite line in the story is “Heck, if we manage to not eat the children’s chocolate bunnies before Easter, we’re doing a good job. All of us!”
The weekend ended with heading to my parents for Sunday dinner only to find out they are out of town, getting home and starting DS#2 on his cross-stitch project and going downstairs to study for the GMAT only to be interrupted an hour later when the surprise masseur that DH arranged for arrived. Needless to say, I slept really well last night.
How was everyone else’s weekend?

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  1. Jenn

     /  May 9, 2006

    Have you blogged about the dentists in Honduras before? This sounds familiar and I’m not sure if it’s from reading your blog or if it was posted at Hatrack River (where we have a large contingent of LDS and especially Utahan LDS members.)Reading =/= literacy comment – sing it, sister!And good luck on the GMAT, I’ll keep my stitches crossed for you.

  2. Stasha

     /  May 9, 2006

    I haven’t blogged about the dentists before, I’m familar with Operation Smile though. and speaking of HatRack, Orson Scott Card’s Grandmother is sister to my Great-Grandmother.


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