Why I shouldn’t take my kids to Needlework and Quilting stores…

I’ll admit to being too lazy to go rummaging through my kitted up projects to find the greens that I needed for a round robin. I have a full $20 punch card for my LNS so I knew I would be getting a few more things other than the threads (they have a Chatelaine trunk show going – the models are in but the patterns are not).
However, I had DS#2 along with me. He found X’s and Oh’s “Be Wise” and decided he needed a new project. You should see how the LNS employees jumped to help him kit it up. So instead of getting something for me, I ended up with a new pattern, stretcher bars to fit the piece of Aida he selected to work on, Anchor floss (no, it wasn’t embarrassing to have him tell the LNS worker that DMC is for people who can’t buy Anchor), a spool of Krenik (which I probably have in my stash but it was just cute watching him), and a project bag. He hasn’t started it yet since I point out he hasn’t finished his last project.
He wants a pair of Gingher black scissors and was trying to negotiate getting them as a reward for when he finishes the project.
He’s getting as bad as his older brother who still hasn’t started the quilt he needs to have finished by September if he’s entering the contest.

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  1. Nicole

     /  May 5, 2006

    Stahsa, you’re kids are so talented, intelligent and accomplished. You should be so proud!

  2. thutmosis

     /  May 6, 2006

    Your son is precious! I loved that story!


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