It’s Barbecue Season again…

Just for reference, the grill is hot most Saturday nights and the standard rules apply.

The Standard Rules

  1. Bring your own stuff for the grill (meat or veggies, just don’t complain when they are cooked next to each other).
  2. Bring something to share with everyone (Chips, salad, dessert, single males are generally expected to bring soda).
  3. If you’re drinking booze, bring your own and clean up after yourself. (and have a designated driver unless you’re donating your car to us).
  4. Act like reasonable adults – – No bitching about the other people there, if you don’t like the diverse nature of our friends, you’re welcome to leave. (That goes both ways, the anti’s can’t bitch about the Mormons and the church members are not allowed to lecture on anything other than politics and smoking. Lectures on No Smoking are only to be given by those under the age of 18)
  5. Control your children or just shut-up when someone controls them for you – most of us are parents and agree that all adults have the responsibility for correcting out of control behavior in juveniles especially when in imminent danger to themselves or others or when about to inflict property damage.
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  1. Mel in Dubai

     /  May 8, 2006

    Love those rules 🙂


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