Easter Vacation in Ely, NV…Part 3 of 4, The Ugly

Prospector Café and Clementine’s Bar – When a hotel advertises that they have a café open until 9 pm and that room service of pizza and burgers until 11 pm through the Clementine’s Bar, I expect them to honor that (especially when they pass out coupons at check in). I do not expect to walk to the café at 7 pm and have it roped off with a closed sign. I do not expect to find the bar dark at 9 pm with the cook sitting at a table offering to re-open the kitchen. I found out later from the desk that we should have taken Tony up on the offer and had him cook “whatever he feels like making.”

From reading the paper, the corruption on the city council in Ely is ugly. Hint for those outside of Ely wanting to do business there: the first thing to do is open a large account at the bank where the city council member works.

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