Easter Vacation, Ely NV…Part 2, The Bad

If my mother-in-law owned a knitting store, Knit Knook Gift Gamut in Ely is what I would picture it looking like. Remember the smell of 1970’s polyester yarn? Knit Knook has Avocado and Burnt Orange in the original wrappers but all the Sunshine Yellow is gone. The side wall in the back room has plenty of plastic knitting needles in extra large sizes and the craft section has pre-color change DMC along with DMC canvas yarn. The ‘locally made’ crafts for sale had lots of plastic canvas coasters and tissue box covers, crocheted animals, and polyester yarn slippers and ponchos. At least the proprietor who looks 80-something is keeping the local elderly women off the streets. Only one thing looked really out of place in the shop of aged stock. Nestled between the “Big Band Songbook” and “Play the hits of Patsy Cline” is the book of the piano music for a Jason Mraz album. Maybe the boy has a niche in the retiree market? I wonder if his marketing people know.

The only businesses open after 9 pm are that brothels and casinos. Yes, there are 2 brothels in Ely but one, The Sardust Ranch, is closed for remodeling.

The restaurants all have Pepsi products.

The grocery store’s collection of Easter Candy consisted of ½ a box of Cadbury Crème eggs.

The Car Wash has a defective bay but they don’t have a notice warning people about that. Luckily a local warned us before we lost too much money on it

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