This is Darwin Speaking…

Mom left the house and I am taking this opportunity to speak my mind about how they’re treating me. They do good things and then they take them away from me. It’s not right.

It was ok when Mom brought a new person into the house last week because this new person brought all sorts of new smells with her. The most important smells came from other big dogs, I could tell that easily. There were other smells that were foreign to me, but that’s ok because they were interesting. I was so happy because I just kept sniffing her all night long. I was a little disappointed when Mom went away to go play with some CATS in Vegas because she took the interesting smelling person with her and was gone for a few days. But she did bring the person back so I figured the person was going to stay with us. And Mom didn’t smell like any cats, but she kept saying it like it was in capital letters so it must have been important.

How could something like CATS be more important than running around after me to make sure that everything I want is being taken care of?

Hey, it doesn’t matter that much to me because she brought the interesting smelling person back and didn’t bring any felines with her. But then the interesting smelling person went away again. I wonder if she’s going to come back again. I’d like to be able to smell her regularly again. It was fun being able to smell her all night long. That and Mom forgot to move the trash can and I got to dig in that a little too.

I got really excited a little bit ago because Mom packed everything up with the family and said something about a trip. I was so sure that they were going to take me, but then they all got in the truck without me. I started to protest, loudly I might add, but they didn’t listen to me. They thought I was just howling like some common dog.

Of course I wasn’t howling. I was BAYING because you were going to leave me alone all by myself and I wanted to go on the family trip too. I am part of the family after all and here I am left behind as if I am some sort of second class citizen. Mom actually called one of her daughters from another mother to come sit with me while they left because they thought I was being a nuisance to the neighbors. They call her a “petsitter”. I’m insulted – as if I am some common pet instead of a valued family member.

I was just standing on the coffee table looking out the front window to see if the family has come back yet so that I can give them a piece of my mind about that, but there is no sign of them. They have not yet begun to see what a nuisance I can be and I do not know how long they will be gone, so I must use my time wisely. I’d better get off the coffee table before the so-called “petsitter” can get me off of the table, because I think she knows that I am not allowed to stand on it before she disappears. She keeps saying that I need to be good while she goes home for dinner.

She’s going to leave me alone in the house, after my family abandons me and she thinks I’m going to be good. She’s got another think coming. One of the boys left his room in a bit of a mess, and I am sure that I can find a pair of underwear or a sock to chew on while she is gone. And it will be ok because they will probably never miss it.

I wonder if Mom left her stitching room door open. Perhaps it is time to check that out.

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