The extended Vegas report…

I don’t know how I got it in my head that Margaret was arriving on Wednesday morning, so I was rather surprised to get the email Tuesday with a 3:45 pm arrival time. I hadn’t even begun to pack for Vegas. Margaret had warned me to have blankets when I picked her up. The fun part was that since I wasn’t expecting her until Wednesday, I had the truck in the shop having the tires rotated, oil changed and a general check-up before I drove it 800 miles (400 each way). Luckily, Ixy works with me so I borrowed Jack to go get Margaret. We tried to get to ZeAnn’s (the shop that nearly gave KeydetStitches the heart attack when he realized that wasn’t a wall, it was fabric). Unfortunately, my haven of out of print charts and charms has closed the shop to the public and moved to online only. You can find them at
That evening, we had dinner at Yanni’s Greek Express. There isn’t the eye candy that Braza Grill has but the food is still good. After that we packed me up, deciding which WIP’s would go. It was decided that Gandalf would not do well in the smoky Vegas atmosphere so he stayed home.
In the morning, we hit the bank and then went off to Stitching Station. If we had more time, we would have hit Pine Needles which is the home for Pine Mountain designs but we wanted to have lunch with Cat and she works in the opposite direction from Vegas. After lunch we hit the road, and it started to rain. We made a few stops and at one of them, we got a little snow. Just a dusting, but I’ve never seen snow in Southern Utah before so it was new to both of us. Margaret needed a picture of herself in the snow.
We had talked about holding dinner until we got to In and Out Burger in Vegas but by 5 pm and St. George, I was ready to eat. The closest place to the freeway off and on ramp was Wendy’s so I grabbed a burger combo with the baked potato instead of fries. Margaret had the baked potato and I had the burger. Just outside of Mesquite, Margaret says that the thing she doesn’t like about Wendy’s potatoes is that the sour cream tastes funny. Those words ended up being a warning since 4 hours later when Suz came in at the airport; Margaret emptied her stomach in the parking lot. She spent the rest of the weekend dealing with the effects of food poisoning.
We were all pretty tired but I woke up early enough to head to the store to get Margaret some electrolyte liquid and saltines. Being Vegas, I also collected a marriage proposal and 2 propositions during the round trip. Then it was off to the airport to get Whizgidget. Since we knew Margaret was doing poorly we stopped at Hard Rock and had a couple appetizers for lunch. We then stitched until the Stitching Festival market opened when we took the model of the Yellow Knockered Egg down to Jo at Dinky Dyes so she would have it to show people the freebie she was giving out (she ran out of them). It only took us an hour or so to walk through all the booths in the market. There really weren’t that many vendors. I met Bev, TrekkerBeth and Sue who lives near Whizgidget. You should have heard the cheer from our group when they called Sue’s name for the Dazor lamp prize.
Thursday started with sleeping in while Margaret went to breakfast. Then it was down to the market where we linked up with Jaramar (Debi) and I got to meet my idol, the mostly harmless axe murderer who is also known as Bubba in Cell Block C, Darla!
(to be continued…)

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  1. Melissa

     /  April 12, 2006

    Hi-I just saw your Gandalf! Beautiful!

  2. Melissa

     /  April 12, 2006

    Loved the pic of Margaret in the snow! It was great meeting you in Vegas. 🙂The other Melissa. LOL


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