LD update….

My dyslexic son got 3 A’s on his report card this trimester. The classroom teacher is starting to believe that we may have been correct and his problem with behavior in class was related to his frustration with not being able to read along with the class. We actually went through the last SEP conference without anyone mentioning having him evaluated for ADD (a first in 4 years).
Now that he’s working with both a private tutor (whom we were referred to from the University of Utah reading lab) and the new resource teacher at the school who was willing to look past the prejudices in my son’s file put there by the previous resource teacher, he’s gone from a 1st grade reading level to a 2.5 reading level. It will still take some time to get him to the 4th grade and 5th grade levels where his peers are.
My son is so excited to go to “reading class” that the classroom teacher has some difficulty keeping him on task for the first hour. She enjoys that he comes back relaxed and ready to work with his classmates instead of the frustrated acting out child that she met in the beginning of the year.
The problem for me now is that things are running too smoothly. I’ve become so used to fighting for every little thing and being up at the school in someone’s face on a weekly basis. Now that I don’t have that stressor, I feel like something’s missing. I still have to work with my son daily on making sure that homework is completed and that he remembers to write due dates down (a coping mechanism for the organizational skills that will always be lacking since he has suppressed executive ability as one of his learning disorders) but it’s not necessary to be at the school as much anymore. Maybe I need to find a charitable cause to fight for so that I have an outlet for the pent up aggression.

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  1. Onilyn

     /  March 31, 2006

    Congratulations to your son — 3 A’s yeah!!!!!!!!!!! It’s about time the teacher stopped acting like a moron. Agression — racquetball with protective eye goggles. You can hit the ball as hard as you want. And it’s considered exercise.

  2. KariA1

     /  March 31, 2006

    I’m so glad things are going better!! Congrats to your DS for the 3 A’s. He should be very rpoud of himself!!!


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