Some thoughts on hair

Do you ever wonder if the reason hairstylists are pushing the uncombed fly-away look is because they’re too lazy to learn how to curl hair properly anymore? Maybe it’s environmental concerns over toxic chemicals necessary to create a perm. I don’t believe the chemical part though because they do believe in color for every age it seems like. It could be financial, after all, you can see more people if all you do is cut and blow dry with some gel thrown on. But then we tend to base hairstyles on celebrity trends and now that the repeat of the sixties windblown look is giving way to the repeat of the early seventies shags (yes, that’s what a multilevel cut is really), it’s not too much longer until the perms of the late seventies/early eighties come back into style. I do see a concerted effort to keep the mullet off the streets again though.
I guess this is time for true confession. When I was in high school, I wanted a bi-level cut. My hairstylist wouldn’t do it though. She told me my hair was far to fine to look good in that cut. It seems that she thought I was just perfect to continue with Farrah bangs even though they were on the way out. Yes, I was one of those people who bent over at the waist to blow dry my hair, then flipped it over, and lacquered it in place before going out. When the wind blew, the entire side my head would lift up like a big wing. Who knows what my IQ would be today if I hadn’t inhaled all that fluorocarbon.
Luckily, when I went to college I couldn’t stand looking just like everyone else and became the best friend of the beauty college, but the purple flat-top and the mohawk (which was not purple despite what my friends say) are another story for another day.

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  1. natty68

     /  March 27, 2006

    I can so see that image Stasha.. I too had fine hair, that if you styled it then sprayed it with hairspray god help it if it got windy..the hair arrived before you. Funnily enough I still have hair like that now.. 🙂


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