The New Dog Toy

For the last several evenings the dog has been playing with something that he would take into “his room” (kennel) at the end of the playtime. We’ve set up the rule that the kennel is sacrosanct. It is his space. Tonight however, his “toy” ended up out of reach under the couch when he tossed it to himself and missed. This meant we were able to fetch the “toy.” It turns out for the last three days, my beagle has been playing with a piece of watermelon BubbleYum! He hadn’t eaten it and it only had a few teeth marks. We did make the mistake of putting the “toy” in his food bowl. Within a few minutes he tried to eat it and now we have a bubble gum covered beagle.

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  1. Margaret

     /  March 22, 2006

    ROTFLMAO I can just see that! I hope everything came out without too much difficulty!


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