Things I learned this weekend….

  1. If you play Fantasia for 10 year old boys who are hopped up on sugar and ice cream they will go to sleep.
  2. Pluto is still funny to kids.
  3. The unedited Bugs Bunny cartoons are even funnier than Pluto.
  4. It is easier to surf than to categorize a year’s worth of transactions in Quickbooks.
  5. It takes longer than expected to categorize transactions that are downloaded from the web instead of recorded by hand.
  6. If you give 10 year old boys Nerf guns they will want to play with them immediately and they will not limit aiming to targets alone.
  7. Don’t count on kids waking after 9 am even if they go to bed at 2 am
  8. Nerf darts leave marks on the wall no matter what the packaging says.
  9. Chocolate cake is too much temptation for a beagle.
  10. Ironing boards are not good beagle launch pads.
  11. Chocolate cake and beagle are not a good combination.
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  1. natty68

     /  February 13, 2006

    I had to giggle at your poor beagle and his chocolate cake and ironing board escapades. Im sorry I could just visualise*Hugs*

  2. Autumn

     /  February 13, 2006

    Boomerang had a Pink Panther marathon this weekend and I was pretty surprised that the kids enjoyed it. Eva thought it was hilarious that I used to watch that cartoon when I was little.


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