Please ignore, this is just a work rant….

You know, I don’t enjoy having the president of sales scream at me about being behind in my reports because I just spent 4 hours fixing a screw-up that the system operator created in order to get the data for the report. I would think that they would be GRATEFUL instead of putting all my paperwork on hold and basically being snotty about it. Next time, I’ll just leave them out to dry (except they don’t have the ability to fix the data since I have access to RAW files and they don’t. So sales is in my face yelling about “why aren’t the reports done?” if he had to go to Idaho they would have had to been done last week. Yes, and last week I wouldn’t have done the claims manager’s job, I would have let everything sit and done it all this week. Not to mention the days I spent doing the IT manager’s job and the office manager’s jobs. Yes, I can usually get all the monthly reports done by the 10th of the month if I’M NOT DOING THE WORK OF FOUR SUPERVISORS!
I took stuff home to do but my brain got left in the office computer (also why the reports I took home over the weekend are not done.) I have determined one thing though. If they don’t believe I work from home then as of today, nothing leaves the office.

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