Pop quiz…

What is the deadline for filing taxes? If you said April 15th, that’s not the right answer. With the utilization of 2 extensions the deadline is actually October 15th. Last year, I filed my taxes on October 15th and that’s only because my accountant was very good and didn’t yell at me when I turned everything in to him on October 13th, nothing like waiting until the last second.
This year, I’m doing it all early. I’m not going to wait until the last minute and that’s not just idle talk. In fact, today, I got out my bag of tax papers and organized them. I still don’t have the stuff out of the tax cupboard but I did buy an expanding file for receipts this year. I know there are some deductions I missed last year due to lack of organization. This year there are some I’m going to be missing from lack of documentation. Mainly the humanitarian giving that I’ve done. I didn’t get receipts for a lot of the stuff I sent for charity. But in a way, isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be? Let thy alms be in secret, let not the right know what the left is doing, charity should be in private not shouted to the world. I do like not giving my money to the government and if I can give it to charities of my choice instead, then that’s even better. In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need social security, Medicaid, or many of the government social programs since individuals would see beyond the ends of their noses and help others without being begged, cajoled or forced. Anyway, I’ve at least started on my taxes. Maybe after I post this, I’ll open Quicken and get started. Then again, maybe I’ll go clean the stash room.

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