The Sundance Report

So Friday, I go on my annual shop hop with Whizgidget. She comes to town for the Sundance Film Festival (work event) and we get together and shop hop. This year we had a full day so we hit Shepherd’s Bush – where I had no intention of buying anything but ended up finding the Shepherd’s Bush Olympic Pin (which I didn’t have), Just Nan’s Christmas Peace, and a kit for a friend who needs a pick me up, and then with 25 yards for just $3, we went nuts on Fibers to Dye For. The next shop was Needlepoint Joint which is on “Main Street Everwood.” In fact, the Everwood town hall is across the street from Needlepoint Joint. Yep, Ogden, Utah is the Everwood set. At Needlepoint Joint, there is a Christmas stocking that I have had my eye on for awhile. In fact, I think that going there and wanting it for 5 times and having it still be there (this time marked down) means that it was time for it to come home with me. It’s Oriental Poinsettias. I’m thinking it’s great for my DD.
Next stop was lunch (did I mention that it was snowing? First time in ages and I’m driving in it). We went to Crown Burger, which is known for its onion rings and “heart attack on a bun.” The Crown Burger is a beef patty, cheese, pastrami, tomato, mayonnaise, and lettuce. They have the standard ¼ pound size and the smaller size known as a junior.
Following lunch, it was Stitching Station where we discovered that Fibers to Dye For also puts out patterns. By the way, Fibers to Dye for are $3.50 here but they have different colors. Whizgidget found a great canvaswork pattern that doesn’t have a colorway, it’s designed so that you can use leftovers from other projects to make a patchwork of specialty stitches. I bought canvas to start mine and I should have gone with 16×16 instead of 15×15 because I don’t have any 15 inch stretcher bars and I really wanted to get started. After Stitchin’ Station it was up to my house where I had to confess that I hadn’t cleaned before she came. Richard looked through my DH’s newest gallery prints (which are incredible) and Ann looked in the doorway of my stash room, and asked what I had done to it. I was forced to reply, well besides tossing things in the general direction of the cupboard, umm, nothing. You see my husband has decided that the stash room is a great place to put all the paper that accumulates in the kitchen. He finds boxes, pushes everything off the table or the telephone counter and deposits the boxes in my stash room. This means that over the course of a year, it gets quite cluttered and at the time she visited, it was not possible to walk into the room.
We coordinated with the kids for dinner and headed out to the next shop. Gardner Village is a tourist trap, but they have a great candy store and Pine Needles which is the home store for Pine Mountain Designs. Following that it was the traditional dinner at Braza Grill and back to Park City. It was starting to snow when I dropped WG and her DH at their hotel and I knew that I needed something to help keep me awake so I took the Phone a Friend option. I didn’t tell my Meandering Friend that I was on a mountain pass, during a snowstorm but she did know that I had her on speakerphone. She got me home safely and I switched to the land line to continue the conversation and I started cleaning the stash room. The telephone conversation ended at 12:30 am my time which would be 2:30 am her time. But I wasn’t done, I kept cleaning and about 3 am I decided I should head to bed (DH was out winter camping with the scouts). Just to give you an idea, I hauled 3 bags of garbage out to the can, put one box of papers in DH’s study, and I have 2 bags of paper left. One is the financial info I will need for the 2005 taxes and one is things that should either be set aside for scrapbooking (which I do not do) or filed someplace safe (which I don’t yet have). Beyond that, I could vacuum in there now. Since cleaning and organizing isn’t on my focus goals until next week, I can stop here and not feel guilty. After all, what I did in there wasn’t on the schedule until next week.
(For those of you who thought I was going to talk about movies, sorry, I don’t like the line at Trolley Square and that means no tickets.)

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  1. Onilyn

     /  January 30, 2006

    Sounds like you and Whiz had fun shop hopping —

  2. Margaret

     /  January 30, 2006

    I’m glad I was able to get you home safely and that your cleaning/organizing continued after we hung up! Was it really 2:30 when we hung up? I didn’t even realize it was that late!


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