Summer Camps

Yes, I know its December but some of the science summer camps have waiting lists and registration starts now, which is strange since many of the ones with open registration don’t even have 2006 schedules yet.
I just fired off 4 or 5 emails to places that my son has expressed interest in. The robotics camp in New Hampshire, the Atomic energy camp in Tennessee, the engineering camp in Michigan, and the general math and science in Idaho are the main ones he’s looking at. What’s wild is that the Engineering camps website doesn’t have anything for Utah at all. You would think with our population being mainly kids, we would have more camps at the colleges than other places. But then again, BYU does religious camps all summer and the U of U tries to pretend that we don’t have the demographics that we do.

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  1. KariA1

     /  December 16, 2005

    If he comes to NH for camp, I hope you will come visit!


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