Shopping (yes, I hate it but I have to do it sometimes)

So for the first time in, like forever, I went clothing shopping for myself. Now I have bought sweaters and t-shirts over the last 5 years but no skirts or pants. Seriously, except for t-shirts and light sweaters, I didn’t have anything in my closet that was made after 2000. Well, even if my doctor thinks I haven’t been losing weight, my clothes have been getting looser. I figured that I needed to get something that fit.
So, I called my new personal shopper. It wasn’t really easy since she lives across the country and doesn’t know my current hair color (which will change again on Thursday) and hasn’t seen me recently. She referred me to some things online and a few of them were at Talbots. I took my measurements and ordered online based on what the tape measure said. Well, suffice it to say, I’m not a Petite 12. The skirt was huge. However, based on what I returned, a smart sales clerk (I’ll call her Shirley) pulled several black skirts for me in a size 10. Well, I went in today to try them on and a 10 is TOO BIG!! I was so excited.
However, I should add that I was worried when I first walked into the store. I haven’t seen that much lime green and pink together since 1982. I really began to wonder when I noticed a lot of the material was ultra suede and corduroy. Umm, flashbacks anyone?
Anyway, I asked for the items on hold for me and when they didn’t fit, I asked Shirley if they had anything in a smaller size. She couldn’t find an 8P for me in the skirt that I like (even in Petite the length on the long skirt was too long). She found a misses 6 that worked (the misses short length in mid-calf on me). Then I realized that any blouses I had to go with this skirt were long gone (sacrificed to ketchup, sweet and sour, and any other sauce that attacked the food storage shelf between my shoulders). So I looked at blouses. I usually hate button down blouses but Shirley found 2 that I loved and I found one on my own. Now the scary part, I’m a 12 or 14 in blouses, depending on whether it’s Misses or Petite. While waiting for Shirley to bring me a large in the cardigan sweater that I found to go over the hot pink tank sweater, I found a pair of low rise pants that actually looked decent on me, except they were about 2.5 inches too long.
I really hate low rise pants. They’re one of the reasons that I haven’t shopped for clothes in ages and why my daughter buys her jeans in the men’s section (not to mention the lower prices). Anyway, these animal print cords came up high enough to cover my leftover baby pouch (yes, I know the baby is 9 but I still have the leftover pouch.) Anyway, Shirley found me a skirt in the same material and pattern and located the pants in a petite size that fits me at catalog sales. So, I ended up spending way more that I should have and I have several outfits to wear to work. Except, I’m not wearing them in public until my personal shopper approves them, I had DH take pictures and email them to her for approval. Who knows, I may be returning the whole lot on Monday. Too bad peasant skirts and large gypsy blouses aren’t appropriate for the office anymore. Those I can pick out with confidence.

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