A thought about Veteran’s Day (Armistice Day)

Yesterday was Veteran’s day. Last night as I thought about the veteran’s in my life it hit me that the men came to mind first but I know several women veteran’s too; mothers that left children behind, or put off having children, to serve their country. I remember reading a book about post traumatic stress disorder following Vietnam. It said the group getting the least treatment and probably needing it most was the nurses from the aide stations. In high school my best friend wanted to be in the Air Force, until she found out that women weren’t allowed to fly fighter jets. At that time, women were relegated to transports, refueling planes and ground support. She decided that if she could fly fighters she wouldn’t join. My daughter is getting recruiting notices now it’s amazing what military jobs are open to women now that weren’t open when I graduated. Natalie may not have been able to fly fighters but her daughter can should she choose too. Other options that weren’t available were on ship in the Navy. I’m still not sure that I fully agree with co-educational military units. I can see both points of the arguments for and against. I just dislike the thought of women going in as ground forces. I don’t have any illusions about women not being able to handle being grunts. I do have illusions about the male grunts not being able to handle having women in the trenches. I have this grand illusion of chivalry not being dead.
Anyway, back to the original thought. Thank all the military personnel in your life, male and female, not just on Veteran’s day (or Armistice Day if you prefer) but every day.

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