Rosa Parks

What an incredible woman. Many of you think that she was just a working black woman who was too tired to move. But did you know that she was working as an organizer in a civil rights organization and got lucky enough to have the perfect opportunity to practice what she preached thrust upon her.
But enough of her early life… Let’s talk about the work she did on improving education for minority children. This really came to the forefront when two young black men broke into her apartment, beat her up and robbed her at gun point. When the community turned on them because they beat up Rosa Parks, they responded with “Who? She’s just an old lady.” These young men had no clue about the sacrifices that were made to give them more rights (I can’t really say equal because the economically depressed of any race are not accorded the rights of the wealthy, mainly through their own ignorance of them).
What’s even sadder is that Rosa and her Husband had founded an educational foundation to help people bring themselves up. A fitting tribute for her would be to donate to her foundation….

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